Custom TV wall cabinet in white | Instant Bedrooms
The Ultimate Space Saver
wall bed with side cabinets
Refined Comfort & Convenience
Refined Comfort & Convenience
wall bed with side cabinets
Update & Transform Your Space
Stunning & Effective Closet Designs
wall bed with side cabinets
Update & Transform Your Space

Instant Bedrooms ManufacturingWall beds or murphy beds experts.

Custom Design wall beds and murphy beds, reach-in closets, and kitchen cabinets to maximize your space while staying within your budget. Free up valuable floor space for other activities, allowing you to easily transform a home office, hobby room, or art studio into a comfortable guest room when needed.


Wall bed, murphy bed

We are your wall beds or murphy beds specialist.Serving the residential and hotel markets for over 40 years

Instant Bedrooms is the sole North American distributor of the Easy-Lift mechanism for wall beds. It passed extensive testing, equivalent to 30+ years of usage. We recognize each customer’s uniqueness and cater to individual spaces, offering flexible suggestions for the ideal wall beds or murphy beds. With our high-quality wall bed solutions, we can optimize your space and enhance your home’s functionality.

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Wall bed | Murphy Bed with side cabinets in white and grey

We have been supplying the hotel/developer’s industry in Vancouver with wall beds, closets, and other custom hotel furniture for over 40 years.

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kitchen cabinets | Instant Bedrooms

Full renovation service for kitchen, closets, and bathrooms, Our services are tailor-made to your requirements to maximize functionality. We are servicing all across the Lower Mainland.

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Walking Closet | Closet | Instant Bedrooms

Instant Bedroom premium closets come with soft close drawers, jewelry drawers, high quality hanging bars, valet rods and so much more!

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Beyond Wall Beds and murphy beds: Discover Our Diverse Range of kitchens, closets, storage cabinets and installation Service.

At Instant Bedrooms, we take immense pride in providing an exceptional range of furniture that surpasses mere wall beds. Our selection includes drop-down tables, office furniture, fitted bedrooms, Murphy bed, walk-in closets, and renovation services.
Furthermore, our commitment goes beyond offering furniture; we are passionate about maximizing space and creating functional, stylish homes. With a deep understanding that every customer is unique, we strive to tailor our solutions accordingly.
In addition, we believe in the power of well-designed spaces, and our vast range of products and services reflects this belief.

Fitted beds, murphy beds drop-down table, closets and renovation

Our fitted bedrooms are designed for optimal use of space, and our custom furniture pieces cater to individual preferences. Our drop-down tables offer versatility, while our office furniture merges style with functionality. With our Murphy beds, you can transform any room into a multifunctional space, while our walk-in closets provide ample organization solutions.
Furthermore, our renovation services enable you to revitalize your entire home. We collaborate closely with you from concept to completion, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision.
In conclusion, if you want to create a functional and visually captivating home, Contact us today. Explore our extensive range of products and services and embark on a transformative journey to a truly exceptional home environment.