Wall-Beds and Murphy Bedsin Lower Mainland

At Instant Bedrooms Manufacturing Inc., we understand that no two homes are the same. That’s why we offer both upright and sidefold wall-beds, as well as wall-bed installation all over the Lower Mainland. From our store, we are able to serve you by helping you find the right furniture and wall-beds Murphy beds for your home. We have 45 years of wall-beds installation experience.

Instant Bedrooms Manufacturing is the Exclusive Distributer of the Easi-Lift mechanism for North and South America and the Pacific Rim. Originally designed for high volume use in the demanding European commercial market, the Easi-Lift mechanism is tested according to the International Codes ISO/DIS 10 131-1 and ISO/DIS 10 131-2. These tests include a series of 10, 000 consecutive uses which corresponds to almost 30 years of daily use. The Easi-Lift mechanism is regularly submitted to these tests at the factory to ensure perfect reliability, safety and ease of use. It is a durable, extremely safe mechanism with exceptional balance and precise control. The simple, smooth and quiet opening and closing operation can literally be accomplished with one finger! It is offered on Single/Twin, Double/Full, Queen and King size with our Lifetime Warranty. All of our wall beds accommodate a standard spring filled mattress.

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“Great service, outstanding workmanship, this furniture has changed my life. Now I have a complete home office.”


“I’m really happy with the wallbed and furniture, it’s beautiful!”

Mr. Murray McWilliams

“The service was really great, they worked really hard to make sure everything was done right for us. We love the furniture!”

Mr. & Mrs. Tiepel

Our Mechanism

At Instant Bedrooms Manufacturing Inc., we are proud to be your exclusive distributor for the Easi-Lift mechanism in North America, South America, and the Pacific Rim. This mechanism undergoes a rigorous set of tests, including 10,000 consecutive uses, which is roughly correlated to about 30 years of use with not one issue with warranty. We offer the Easi-Lift mechanism on single/twin, double/ full, queen, and king-sized beds.

Wall-Bed Measurements

There are several different standard measurements for our wall-beds. These are guidelines only, which will help you in designing your space.